Resistance welding has been among the activities developed by M-servis Kříž, s.r.o. since 2004. Its start and development were initiated by intensive cooperation with a Swiss engineering company. The demands of our Swiss customers brought the domestic company to a high quality standard of manufactured products. Spot resistance welding belongs to the production direction supported by M-servis Kříž, s.r.o.


Accurate drawing, precise cutting and subsequent bending and shaping, in connection with manual spot welding guns, enable various space shapes to be created according to the design task. Stainless steel sheets and stainless steel nets are thus transformed by means of hundreds to thousands of welding points into complex square or curved space products.

In particular, the Company’s product portfolio includes engine covers, especially acoustically efficient covers and heat shields. Final part assemblies find application in large stable or mobile engines (CAT, MTU, MAN, ...) or as parts of technological units (piping and tap covers, inspection and checking places, etc.).


The high electric power of welding devices implemented in a very short time enables electrotechnical parts to be welded without thermal damage by means of special heads. In our company production, we weld on diodes, photodiodes, sockets, plugs, accumulator contacts and other components for electrical and electrotechnical equipment in various areas (hand tools, domestic appliances, car components, etc.).

Our further, medium-term business targets include development, production and launching of our own products into the market.


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