For almost 20 years, M-servis Kříž, s.r.o. has been developing cooperation with the company von Moos Schallschutztechnik GmbH ( from the town of Winterthur in Switzerland. This cooperation began with the manufacture and delivery of acoustic systems, such as the sound protection assembly of 1,470 gates for the testing area of turbo-jet aircraft engines at Hamburg Airport; the multi-tonne multi-part acoustically efficient gate for the airports of San Francisco and Athens and deliveries for the SBB railway in Switzerland.

At the present time, M-servis Kříž, s.r.o. in close cooperation with the company of von Moos Schallschutztechnik GmbH is developing a cooperation project in the joint venture terms: ACP-Planá.

With our experience, we are at your disposal in the following areas:


Sound protection material trade
PUR-foam materials for noise absorption.
Damping and insulating materials.
Dimension pieces and cut-outs by customer’s request.


Sound protection cabins
Sound-proof cabins and job-order manufacture of sound-proof barriers/screens, Insulation cabins, sound protection shields, sound protection gates.

Sound dampers
Sound dampers for industry, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment.

Measuring station
Sound protection gates for air measuring stations, engine measuring stations, heat shields, thermal and acoustic insulation of ship engines.


Acoustic measurements in rooms
Production and assembly halls in mechanical engineering; printing and paper industry; textile, chemical and pharmaceutical production; food-processing and other plants.

Our further medium-term targets include larger market share and our own team of acoustic engineers.



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