M-servis Kříž, s.r.o. has been active in its main production line since its foundation; or rather, the company drew on the experiences and skills of the employees from the period of business activities of Miroslav Kříž as a natural person who executed the first textile orders as early as 1995.

The most frequently performed work operations include shearing, cutting and other division of textile material, manual and automatic sewing and top stitching as well as assembly of sewn products into large ensembles, including plastics moulding and metal pressing, gluing, smelting and wiping. The basic technical equipment includes cutting benches, manual and semi-automatic cutting machines, sewing machines of various kinds and types, assembly workplaces equipped with a large number of devices of various characteristics, including mechanical and pneumatic pressing equipment.

Within the production processes, netting from natural as well as synthetic materials, flat and hollow straps, ropes, cords, flat and round rubber springs, as well as sail-cloth, fabrics with high thermal resistance, including cloths containing fibreglass and metal fibres, or even mineral and glass mats of different thickness are processed in separate workplaces. The Company portfolio is then represented by a network of car storage spaces, strap harness systems, acoustically and thermo-acoustically efficient packages, sacks, bags and lining materials, as well as product cases, product packages and partitions, protective screens and shields. The products of M-servis Kříž, s.r.o. find application in the car industry ( BMW, Daimler, AUDI, Ford, Scania, …), in technological units (air-conditioning and chimney systems), in machinery and building structures.

Further, the Company aims to widen its cooperation in sowing special materials and master the stitchless technique of joining textile and unwoven materials.



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