M-servis Kříž, s.r.o. company is on the market for 23 years

In January 2023 we celebrated 23 years of our existence on Czech and European market. Tradition of quality and experience comes also from our previous work since 1995, which means 28 years all together.


M-servis Kříž, s.r.o. (limited liability company) was founded in 2000 as the continuance of developing the business activities of Miroslav Kříž as a natural person active from 1992. The natural development is determined by the conditions and background of a family firm. The Company operates with its own capital, unencumbered by loans, credit or leasing.

The Company keeps its own premises at its disposition. Our own production shops, offices and storage areas constitute 700 sqm of the total company area in use.


M-servis Kříž, s.r.o.
Příčná 157
391 11 Planá nad Lužnicí
Česká Republika

+420 603 521 169